3-Day Summer Outing for One Awesome SEO Team

In June 14, 2017
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At GrowthScout SEO, summer isn’t complete without a getaway to get our dose of Vitamin Sea!

The team had its 3-day summer outing last May 17, 18 and 19 at The Canyon Cove Resort, a secluded getaway with a stunning beachfront in Nasugbu, Batangas.

The trip to the beach club was a long and wonderful 3-4 hours ride, with scenic views that dot the Ternate-Nasugbu Highway. Of course, that includes a stop at the famous Kaybiang Tunnel where most people traveling to Nasugbu get their mandatory selfies taken.

Day 1:

It was already way past lunch when we arrived at The Canyon Cove. After having a sumptuous meal, the team headed to our assigned rooms to freshen up and relax.

Of course, everyone was so eager to hit the clear waters of Nasugbu and that was how we spent most of our 1st day. But before the day ended, we tested our skills in a game of Jenga. The Verdict? Snacks courtesy of the losers!

Day 2:

Our 2nd day at the beach club was the most exciting part of our summer outing. This was the day when all the scheduled activities were held. After having our breakfast at the town proper, the team was up for some competition.

The 1st activity scheduled for the day was “Treasure Hunt”. We were given a list of “beach” related items that we needed to take our selfies with. While everyone was eager to win the prize, it was Jaymar who completed the most number of items at the fastest time.

The Treasure Hunt Winner

The Treasure Hunt Winner

The 2nd activity was a battle of Sandcastle artistry between the boys and the girls. Both teams having the competitive spirit were both serious in building their sandcastles. Judged through the number of likes on Facebook, it was the girls’ team that was declared the winner in the end.

Artists at Work

Artists at Work

The 3rd activity for the day involved water sports and was the highlight of our entire summer outing. With the willingness to test our strengths and endurance, the team went on an exhilarating banana boat ride, paddle boarding, and kayaking. It was exciting, fun, nerve-wracking, and energy draining all at the same time.

Ready for the Ride!

Ready for the Ride!

As if the activities for the day were not yet enough to send us to bed, the team played ‘UNO’ after dinner. It was payback time for the losers of Jenga during the previous night and the day ended with all of us having a reason to laugh about–and of course, more snacks that we have scheduled to feast on courtesy of the losers of the day!

Day 3:

The beach was just too inviting to not take a dip before we left the beach club. After packing our things, it’s time to checkout. We planned to eat Lomi and other Batangas specialties for lunch, but since we didn’t find a restaurant that’s on our way, we ended up having our late lunch at Gilligan’s at the Summit Ridge in Tagaytay. Later that day, we were all back in Manila and safely headed to our respective homes.


GrowthScout SEO’s 2017 3-day summer outing was a memorable event that was filled with great food, fun and challenging feats. Everyone enjoyed the experience and took pleasure in their much-needed break, while at the same time refueling their drive to work and achieve more as one awesome SEO team!

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